Our COVID Vaccine Clinics and Waiting Lists

We have now run our first COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic and it was a great success. Thank you to everyone involved.

At this time, we will be receiving 100 COVID-19 vaccines (or less) per week, so we expect this process will take a long time to vaccinate everyone who would like a COVID-19 vaccine.


Waiting Lists:

We are currently keeping waiting lists for those patients eligible in Phase 1B and are wanting a COVID-19 vaccine. Please give us a call on 8230 6900 (Marden) or 8360 9777 (Newton) if you would like to be placed on our waiting list or speak to us in person when you come in. You will then not need to contact us. We ask you to only contact us if you receive the COVID-19 vaccine elsewhere.

Once we have supply, we will contact you via SMS or phone call to book in an appointment for you to receive your vaccine in one of our COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics.



All patients wanting a COVID-19 vaccine need to complete our consent form and return it back to us before we can book them into a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic. Click here to access this. It also contains information about COVID-19 vaccines.

Your completed consent form can be returned to us by:

We ask that this consent form is completed and returned to us at your earliest convenience, where it will then be stored in your medical record at our practice. We will NOT be able to book you into a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic until we receive your consent form.

Please note: This will not mean you will receive your vaccine sooner, and for most patients it could be weeks or months before we have supply available to vaccinate.


On the day you receive your vaccine:

Before you are vaccinated, please tell the doctor giving you your vaccination if you:

  • Had anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction) to a previous dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Have any allergies, to an ingredient of a COVID-19 vaccine, or to other vaccines or medications. An allergy is when you come near or in contact with something and your body reacts to it and you get sick very quickly. This may include things like an itchy rash, your tongue getting bigger, your breathing getting faster, you wheeze or your heart beating faster.
  • Are immunocompromised. This means that you have a weakened immune system that may make it harder for you to fight infections and other diseases. Sometimes a disease like diabetes or cancer can cause this or certain medicines or treatments you take, such as medicine for cancer.

Please bring and wear a mask to the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic and please remember to COVID Safe Check-in.

If you are getting a COVID-19 vaccination because of your occupation, you will need to bring identification or documentation confirming this.

More information will be provided to you prior to your vaccination about how the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic will run.