Our General Practitioners

Dr. Joe Alvaro MBBS, DipObstRACOG

Dr. Alvaro is Co-Managing Principal (Operational Management). Dr. Alvaro is one of our 7 bilingual doctors and as such is able to bring his practice expertise to both the Italian and the broader Australian communities. He has a special interest in Chronic Disease Management and women's health.

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Dr. Geoffrey Barrow MBBS, FRACGP

Dr. Barrow is Co-Managing Principal (Business and Development).  Dr. Barrow has been with East Adelaide Healthcare since its inception in 2001. He has a broad practice with an interest in children, adults and the elderly, and has a special interest in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment including complex excisions. Dr Barrow consults at our Marden rooms, as well as in our Skin Wise Skin Cancer Clinic. In addition to his busy practice schedule he is an examiner for the College of General Practitioners.

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Dr. Pam Crawley MBBS, DRCOG

Dr. Crawley graduated from Adelaide University and has worked as a GP in the Campbelltown area for many years. She joined EAHC in January 2007 and consults 3 days per week. Her special interests are women's health including shared obstetric care, preventative care and paediatrics.

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Dr. Flavio Giannitto MBBS

Dr. Giannitto is Co-Managing Principal (Operational Management). Dr. Giannitto is one of the 7 bilingual doctors being fluent in the Italian language. Dr Giannitto graduated from Adelaide University in 1999 and received his Fellowship in General Practice in 2004. His special interests include Paediatrics, Sports Medicine, Diabetes and Hypertension.

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Dr. Andrew Kellie MBBS, MGPPsych(Clin), FRACGP

Dr. Kellie is Co-Managing Principal (Business and Development). He has practiced in the Newton area for more than twenty years. He was awarded a Masters degree in General Practice Psychiatry in 2006 and his Fellowship from the RACGP in 2008. His special interests are general practice psychiatry, chronic disease management, education in primary health care and corporate governance. Andrew is chairperson of GP Partners Adelaide, our local division of General Practice. He is also one of our doctors who offer shared care in obstetrics.

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Dr. Kirsty Kneebone MBBS

Dr. Kneebone has worked in family medicine in the Campbelltown Area for the last 20 years and joined EAHC in January 2007. She has special interests in diabetes, women's health and geriatric medicine. She is also involved in Obstetric Ante-Natal shared care. Dr Kneebone also provides services at the Adelaide Clinic.

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Dr. Jane Landers MBBS MRCP FRACGP Grad Cert Med (UQ)

Dr. Jane Landers graduated in 1988 from the University of Adelaide.  She spent several years training in Adult Medicine at the RAH, and also in London where she was awarded membership of the Royal College of Physicians in 1992.  In 2002, she was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and has worked in general practice for 25 years.  In 2018, Dr. Landers was awarded a Graduate Certificate in Medicine in the field of Skin cancer, through the University of Queensland, and is completing a Master of Medicine in this field.

Dr. Landers enjoys all aspects of general practice and has a particular interest in skin disease, skin cancer and minor procedures including Implanon insertion.

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Dr. Annie Lin  MBBS, FRACGP, FACRRM, MPHC, IBCLC (Lactation Consultant) 

Dr Annie Lin is a General Practitioner and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (breastfeeding specialist). She has a special interest in women's health, mothers, babies and children. Patients consult Annie for a diverse range of issues including breastfeeding support, pregnancy care, postnatal care of mother and baby, childhood check-ups and immunisations, women's health preventative care, Pap smears and breast checks, pre-pregnancy preparation, family planning and contraception, menopause and menstrual concerns. She has a Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health, is accredited to provide GP obstetric shared care with Adelaide public hospitals, and is qualified to insert Implanons (contraceptive implants) and both Mirena and non-hormonal intra-uterine devices.

Annie also has an interest in skin cancer medicine, completed a Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Medicine and works at the Skinwise skin cancer clinic. In addition, Annie works in refugee health, she is a lecturer at Flinders University, an examiner for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, a surgical assistant, and she works at a private women's health clinic.

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Dr. Joseph Massolino MBBS, FRACGP

Dr. Massolino is Co-Managing Principal (Clinical Governance).  Dr. Massolino has worked as a General Practitioner for over twenty years and is one of our seven bilingual doctors being fluent in Italian. He graduated in 1984 from Flinders University and became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 1993.  He has interests in preventative medicine, chronic illness and disease management as well as skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Dr. Massolino has had experience in palliative care.

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Dr. Alison Measday MBBS

Dr. Measday consults 4 sessions per week between the Marden and Newton surgeries. Alison is one of our 10 female practitioners who has a special interest in women's health and paediatrics. She is one of the East Adelaide General Practitioners to provide services at the Adelaide Clinic.

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Dr. Robert Menz MBBS, FRACGP

Dr. Menz works two regular sessions per week at EAHC with a particular interest in Chronic Disease Management.  He has an interest in Standards, and is an AGPAL practice surveyor. He is the RACGP Medical Advisor for the RACGP exam, a member of the SA/NT faculty board and also a senior examiner. Robert completed a Masters in Clinical Education in 2013 and teaches undergraduates in General Practice and Clinical Education at Flinders University, and postgraduates in SA and NT  He also sits on the Determining Authority. We are pleased to have him continue to be involved with our practice as well as seeing his administrative abilities and wide knowledge of General Practice put to excellent use.

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Dr. Maria Sauchelli MBBS, FRACGP

Dr. Sauchelli originally consulted in the Yorke Peninsula where she worked as a rural GP for 7 years. Maria is one of our 10 female GPs.  She is also one of our bilingual doctors, speaking fluent Italian and Spanish. She works at both the Newton and Marden surgeries three days per week.

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Dr. Sosa has come to EAHC after practicing in Salisbury North for 15 years. She has an interest in paediatrics, women's health, antenatal shared care and chronic disease management. She is bilingual, speaking Croatian. As well as working part-time in General Practice, Dragica is a medical education co-coordinator for General Practice Registrars in the regional GP Training Program.

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Dr. Emilie Staehr MBBS, FRACGP

Dr Staehr completed her medical degree at Adelaide University in 2006 and her post-graduate FRACGP qualifications in March 2012. She currently divides her time between consulting at EAHC and surgical assisting.  She is an examiner for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, has a certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health from SHine SA and has completed her Level 2 Mental Health Skills Training.  She has previously enjoyed being a clinical lecturer with the University of Adelaide Medical School and providing services to The Adelaide Clinic.  Her skill set includes in-practice Implanon and IUD (intrauterine device) insertion to meet women's contraceptive needs as well as consulting on general and specific women's health issues.  She is also accredited with Medicare to provide mental health counselling sessions to patients under a Mental Health Care Plan.

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Dr. Lisa Walker MBBS 

Dr. Lisa Walker joined EAHC in 2015.  Prior to commencing as a GP, Dr. Walker worked in emergency medicine.  Dr. Walker is semi-fluent in Italian and has a special interest in dermatology, skin cancer diagnosis and management, women's health and paediatrics.

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Dr. Peter White MBBS, DipObstRACOG   

Dr. White has special interests in emergency medicine as well as considerable expertise in General Practice surgical procedures. Dr White also has a special interest in the early diagnosis and treatment of Skin Cancer. He represents the practice on the medical advisory committee for the Adelaide Clinic. He also provides services at the Adelaide Clinic.

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